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Apply for a Sponsored Event!

As a means to continue giving back to my community and building beneficial relationships, I am committing to donating my time/services to four Philadelphia based non-profit organizations and/or small businesses (1 per quarter) in 2023.

To apply for a sponsored event please provide your first and last name, name of organization, mission or why the business was created, what kind of event you’re having (including dates, times, colors, etc) in the form below.

Apply Here!

Thanks for applying!

Sample Letter:

Good morning Brian!

My name is First Last, founder of Apples to Apples inc. We are a Philadelphia based non-profit organization aiming to provide mentorship for young creatives.


We are planning our first Empowerment Link-Up event for June 1st at the Apples to Apples community center, which is located at 1234 Apples St, Philadelphia, PA 12345. During this event, we strive to empower creatives to connect, network, etc. We have raised $10k over the past 6 months to provide 10 upcoming creatives with $1,000 grants for their endeavors.


To complete the decor for our event, we are requesting for your company to provide us with 4 balloon columns. Our colors are red, yellow and white! If we are selected for this sponsorship opportunity, your logo will be added to our website under our “sponsor” page, as well as in our newsletter.


Thank you in advance for considering us!


Have a great day.

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